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Do you have the opportunity and desire to paint your room and give it a fresh look? The assistance of our Hornsby experienced home painters can successfully conceal any cracks, dents, chips, or stains. Your walls will appear to have never been touched after we're done! Professional painters in Hornsby use paint to transform any space's look and feel. They are experts in their sector and use their knowledge to provide their customers with top-notch painting solutions.

The expert painting contractor from Technicolor Painting offers services that go above and beyond standard painting requirements. We have decades of expertise with a track record of producing high-quality work; we have procedures that enable increased efficiency; and our attention to detail, from project planning to execution, reflects both professional training and spontaneous creativity, to mention a few. Given the value you place on your house or place of business, professional painters in Hornsby can handle painting projects of any size, no matter how big or little. Therefore, we take your task as the only open one.

Residents who want to paint their homes themselves frequently seek clarity and pleasure. Whether you're painting your entire home, a single room, or just the outside of your property, it's not the easiest or most enjoyable pastime. But with our assistance, it will go much more quickly and easily. Call our trained team immediately to see how we can enhance your property with professional painting solutions!

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Hiring a licensed and insured contractor is crucial if a collision occurs while an outsider is working on-site. If anything goes missing and you decide to handle it yourself or hire an uninsured person, you might be subject to harsh legal repercussions. With Technicolor Painting, Hornsby residents can browse painters of the finest calibre with years of experience and training capable of drastically altering any space.

With locations around the country, we offer a vast service area and are upfront with customers about our obligations. Before our specialists start work, we develop a comprehensive project plan to ensure effectiveness and a high-quality result. Customers who need more help selecting colours can obtain them from Hornsby's neighbourhood decorating services.

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The customer receives daily progress updates from our professional painters, so they are always informed of what is going on and which areas they may need to stay out of while work is done. Before requesting a formal estimate, Hornsby Top-notch Painters offers customers an online pricing list to help them comprehend the cost.

The best choice for any painting project to prevent danger and responsibility is to choose qualified professional painters in Hornsby and other regions. The painting contractor's coverage will pay for any damage or injuries sustained on the work, keeping you out of a potentially expensive and resource-draining issue. Professional painters at Technicolor Painting do everything they can to satisfy you and ensure you're safe!

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We at Technicolor Painting make run-down and worn-out houses the talk of the neighbourhood! You can count on us to successfully execute your house painting project using only the highest-quality paints, top-notch equipment, and a knowledgeable painting crew.

Your home may now be updated and redecorated with little to no effort. If you want to change your surroundings majorly but are working with a limited budget, experts suggest cleaning your room and painting your walls a new colour. You may hire a contractor in Bondi to handle interior and exterior painting work. Trust them now, and they'll take care of everything, so you won't have to worry about anything afterwards.

Interior Painting

When planning a painting job in your home's interior, you should not allow just anyone into your home or place of business. It would help to have a dependable and trustworthy painting firm like Technicolor Painting. Spray painting may be a practical and effective solution for some home renovations. You can take advantage of this service from our valued painting company. Knowing that someone with exceptional qualities is now working for you may make you feel confident.

Exterior Painting

The difference a fresh coat of paint can make to the appearance of your home or place of business is astounding. However, people and companies may find that painting your home's exterior projects takes a lot of time. Avoid hiring just anybody to finish painting your house or place of business. For a dramatic aesthetic effect and alteration in your property, Technicolor Painting also provides roof painting and strata painting.

A home's external walls with quality paint may provide various benefits, including enhanced value, aesthetic appeal, and the option to have the exterior cleaned before getting new paint, giving the impression that the house is freshly painted. Contact us right away to receive guidance from a home painting professional in Hornsby.

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Hornby's painting professionals stay current with the newest developments in the interior and exterior paint industries. We can set you up with the ideal interior paint based on the style and location of your house and your individual requirements for each space. Instead of merely choosing specific colours, our local painters in Hornsby can also assist you in selecting the finest painting ideas for your home's interior to achieve the function, feel, and appearance you want. Our painting firm will make your neighbours envy your home and make you feel like a superstar.

As Hornsby painters, we have years of expertise and are undoubtedly experts. Professionals in interior painting know precisely what our clients need and are eager to work with them to meet and surpass their expectations.

To express your individuality, we will pick the appropriate colours for your home's various spaces. You can anticipate a superb, attractive, and long-lasting finish because we only use high-quality materials in our paintings. We are experts at mixing paints, preparing diverse surfaces, and giving your house a lovely finishing touch. Call us or click Request a Quotation to get in touch with us!

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best Painting Hornsby NSW

Your ideal house may become a reality using our interior and exterior painting solutions. To guarantee that projects meet and exceed your expectations, we, unlike other firms, offer detailed design consultation, utilize the best latex and oil-based paints, and complete jobs swiftly. Technicolor Painting, a global network of home painters, provides North Sydney's top residential painting services. If you've been looking for a painter near me for a while because of your stringent needs, Painters Bondi Junction may be the solution you're looking for.

Every paint job we undertake for commercial, industrial, or residential painting gets our full attention and the best painting supplies. If you wish to start your search with us, here are the services we provide from which you may pick your real estate:

  • Commercial Painting
  • For various organizations, including business centres, storage facilities, medical buildings, schools, and restaurants, we specialize in interior and exterior painting. The skilled commercial painters on our crew may handle any size job.

  • Industrial Painting
  • Customers may use our commercial painting services to beautify their workspaces suitably. Working with Technicolor Painting Services in Bondi is the finest method to design an eye-catching office. We only use the best paints and have seasoned painters Hornsby on staff.

  • Residential Painting
  • We provide various customized interior and exterior painting services, assuring a smooth procedure and top-notch outcomes in every building. Our staff takes on any painting job for your home with great attention to detail.

  • Floor Coating
  • We provide several benefits for your flooring, such as protection against degradation, durability against foot traffic and heavy machinery, resistance to spots and substances, and an even, glossy finish that enhances the appearance.

  • Anti-Graffiti Coating
  • We provide extra vandalism and graffiti defence for your assets. The main benefits of our service are fantastic beauty, excellent protection, and cost-effective solutions.

Our painting group has done several painting projects in the Hornsby region, so we are used to the area. Our long history of service and expanding list of devoted clients show that we uphold our promises and sincerely enjoy what we do.

We are aware that every painting project is as distinctive as every house. Because of this, we take pleasure in speaking with our customers to understand their needs and aspirations. So be sure to let us help you modernize your house.

Call Technicolor Painting right now for an obligation-free quote to start working on your project with our professional team of skilled painters in Hornsby and the surrounding areas!

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I love painting my home often. I have had many painters through my home and business and not one could compare to the out standing professional service I had received from Jason and his team !! I would highly recommended this company to anyone that appreciates quality service. Thank you


Ken Lane


Technicolor Painting & Maintenance repainted the walls and ceilings of our 3br unit while we vacated it on holidays. The company totally respected this responsibility that we gave them, completed the quality job on time and added the extra of painted skirting boards at no cost in order to ensure a 'complete' finish. We cannot fault our experience from this provider.


Alison Nicholson


Great business to deal with. Jason is extremely friendly and offered advice without being intrusive. The job took just under a week (large lounge room wall & ceiling, hallway, 3 bedrooms & bathroom ceiling), and throughout the whole project, Jason kept me well informed. Prior to painting, His team patched up all the ceiling cracks as well as holes where I’d removed old light switches and sanded the area back - so good you can even see where they were! The painting was done efficiently and the house was left clean & tidy once they finished. No damage, no paint splashes. I would certainly recommend Technicolor Painting and once I’m ready to have the rest of my home painted, I will be returning.


Rhiannon Gwyn


We used technicolor painting to paint our interior walls. Jason was a great communicator and arranged a quick visit to put together a quote for us. We were happy with the price and found it easy to work around the other renovations we were having done at the same time. Although he had a number of staff off sick, he was able to send one of his painters Sam to do our project over a few days. Sam was very respectful of our home and did a great job. The paint job has transformed our home and we wouldn’t hesitate to use Jason and his teams services in the future.


Swathika Sharma


We used Technicolor to have our bedroom ceilings and walls painted. The walls had old damages and scratches but after the wonderful job Technicolor did, now we can't see any of those damages. From the initial consultation, they were professional. They knew what they were dealing with, they gave us a realistic time frame for the job, they were responsive, and punctual and cleaned up after themselves. Definitely recommend! 👌


robert huish


Jason and his team at Technicolour just completed painting a shop fit-out for one of my clients, I must say they really knocked it out of park. The level of precision and detail that went into this project was phenomenal. Jason is efficient and easy to work with. His work ethic to help get my job over the line must be commended. Thank you to you and your team at Technicolour.


Info - Kellyville Preschool


Technicolor painting did a fantastic job painting our preschool. They were professional and accomodating and we are very impressed with the work completed.




Choosing any tradesman is always hard work when you don't know any of them, and you feel like you have to hope for the best. Well after my recent experience with painters, let me make it easier for you.
Jason and his team at Technicolor live up to the high ratings and good reviews, and should be the go-to company. Jason is clearly very experienced and easy to talk to, offering good suggestions on how to help exterior wall problems I had. He has an experienced team that does the work for him but he is in regular contact with them throughout the job. Specific suggestions we had earlier discussed were implemented by them.
Neat, good quality painting job. Fair price. No hard sell, no upfront deposit, with payment at the completion of the job when satisfied with work.
Our house now looks the best it has for many years. Thanks!


Jaswant Singh


Very professional, quality work, very friendly, happy with the work


Warren Neal


We had engaged Technicolor to paint the entire interior of our 42sq home and some exterior work too. They were not the cheapest, but I was not after the cheapest...painting your whole house needs to be done properly.
Technicolor was very responsive and Jason, managing the project was checking that we were happy with the work as it progressed.
Jason was on site, probably every other day, to check the work. It was a big job that took several weeks, on an off due to weather and other commitments etc. Jason managed the project very well. The crew worked with us, to ensure our needs were met and were very pleasant to have around, given we were both working from home all day. They certainly made painting look a lot easier than it is. We tried and failed prior to engaging them. The team responded too, where something did not look 100% to our satisfaction....it was a massive job and it can be easy to miss spots can be overlooked here and there over the three levels of our home. The important thing is that they did what we asked for.
So, good job Jason and the Team!


There are several crucial considerations to consider when choosing the best contractor for your painting jobs. Verify their qualifications to perform the task, including their expertise, insurance, and licensing. Find trusted businesses with local recommendations, like Technicolor Painting.
Liability insurance is the most crucial feature to check for when selecting a painting contractor. In this manner, you are guaranteed coverage for property damage.
Numerous factors must be taken into account, such as the type and size of the painted area, the size and style of the windows and other trim work, the quantity and strength of paint colours, the level of protection needed for plants and furniture, the quality of the paint used, and the degree to which the paint surface preparation is necessary.