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First impressions always count and once made are almost impossible to change.

If your business premises suffer from flaky or fading paintwork, think about the negative impression that you could be making. Not just to visitors or customers, but also to your existing employees.

Of course, a commercial property that is well maintained will send out a much healthier signal. This is perhaps why more and more business customers are turning to us for all of their painting needs as Technicolor Painting and Maintenance Pty Ltd is one of the best Commercial Painters Sydney.

Types of Paints use in Commercial Painting

Enamel and vinyl paint coating in industrial facilities are common in Sydney and all other parts of the country, but this idea is outdated.

Now managers of either residential or commercial facilities are looking for alternate solutions for the wall paint job, the best idea is to hire commercial painters for customization for wall coatings with new advanced high-quality interior or exterior look.

Commercial Painting Services in Sydney

Need Commercial Painting services in Sydney? Our highly competitive painters team is available to meet the specific requirements of your commercial painters’ job within the time schedule and budget.

Our company has a strategic partnership with highly experienced painters nationwide to cover existence area of Australia. We have a skilled team of painters to provide interior and exterior paint coatings with your ultimate satisfaction.

Minimal Disturbance

We understand that time is money when it comes to commercial properties. We will work around your schedules and timings, creating the minimum levels of disturbance. Put simply, there is no need for you to shut down your business whilst we are working.

The very best results are always achieved by our experienced tradesman.

Preparation is Key

Our experienced painters won’t ever look to cut corners on your project.

They are aware of the importance of correctly preparing any area prior to painting. Dirt, loose paint, dust, and any other substances are always fully removed from the areas. As a result of this, the life of the paint is increased.

Being involved in commercial painting projects since 1990 we know only too well what it takes to properly complete a project, on time and within budget.

Time and Cost Management

The initial time and cost planning support the proposal creation in the Diagnostic phase. When starting the project, the project manager develops the project plan, including time, cost, and resource assignments. During project execution, the planning will be updated to more accurately reflect information gathered during the Analysis and Design phase along with any identified and changes.

An important element of project quality management is to turn stakeholder expectations for quality into requirements.

Resource Management

The main types of Resources are human resources, people that do the work of the painting and decorating project, and material resources, physical objects that are used and consumed as the job progresses.

In most professional paint jobs, human resources are the most important type of resource to manage. Involving human resources, also called project team members, early in the project lifecycle enhances the strength of their commitment to the job and adds expert knowledge during the project planning process.

Project Scope Management

Project Scope Management is primarily concerned with defining and controlling what is in scope and what is out of scope for the job. It is helpful to plan and document how the project scope will be defined, verified, managed, and controlled by the project management team.

Project Scope Management is one of the most important tasks for the commercial painting job Manager to be completed. Clear and precise scoping leads to customer acceptance and satisfaction.

FAQ's for Commercial Painters Sydney

What do commercial painters do?

Commercial painters have more experience working with corporate and business clients rather than residential as in the case of commercial painters Sydney. They are typically responsible for painting larger areas on buildings.

How much does commercial painting cost?

How much you pay to paint a commercial building is highly depends on various factors. This includes its size, labor costs, material costs, and more.

What is the difference between commercial and industrial painting?

Industrial painting is different from commercial painting because Industrial painting is all about creating a durable layer of paint that will stand up to the tough conditions of a manufacturing environment.

Why Choose Technicolor Painting and Maintenance Pty Ltd?

We, Technicolor Painting and Maintenance Pty Ltd. are one of the best Commercial Painters in Sydney and since 1990 we have been providing a wide range of specialist commercial painting services.

Although our painting service business has grown steadily over the years, we never lose sight of offering real value for money to our clients.

Other reasons to choose Technicolor to include:

32 years’ experience in all types of decorative and protective coatings, we have the industry knowledge and experience to tackle any task with great results
Workmanship Warranty
Fully Licenced and Insured
Premium Products & Workmanship with attention to detail
Reliable, friendly, and fully trained employees
We work the hours that suits you
Upfront pricing – no nasty surprises at the end&free written quotes
You deal directly with the business owner/Manager
 We help you choose colours and provide samples at no extra cost
 We do what we promise
 Top rated on Google with honest reviews

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Our expertise in Commercial Painters Sydney

We have the expertise required to handle a professional commercial project of any size and get the job done. Our team has completed a wide variety of projects which include offices, restaurants, hotels, pubs, and even shopping centers as well as industrial facilities all over Sydney.

To find out more about how we can help with your requirements, either call us today on 1300 733 489 or contact us at our office or email us at info@technicolorpainting.com.au