Commercial Painters in Sydney



First impressions always count and once made are almost impossible to change.

If your business premises suffer from flaky or fading paintwork, think about the negative impression that you could be making. Not just to visitors or customers, but also to your existing employees.

Of course, a commercial property that is well maintained will send out a much healthier signal. This is perhaps why more and more business customers are turning to us for all of their painting needs.


Minimal Disturbance

We understand that time is money, when it comes to commercial properties. We will work around your schedules and timings, creating the minimum levels of disturbance. Put simply, there is no need for you to shut down your business whilst we are working.
The very best results are always achieved by our experience tradesman.

Top quality paints and rollers are used to ensure the highest possible finishes. You can rest assured that the correct equipment is always used, even when tackling some of the harder to reach areas.

Preparation is Key

Our experienced painters won’t ever look to cut corners on your project.

They are aware of the importance of correctly preparing any area prior to painting. Dirt, loose paint, dust and any other substances are always fully removed from the areas. As a result of this the life of the paint is increased.

Being involved in commercial painting since 1990 we know only too well what it takes to properly complete a project, on time and within budget.

Why Choose Technicolor?

Although our business has grown steadily over the years, we never lose sight of offering real value for money to our clients.
Other reasons to choose Technicolor include:

  • Fully trained employees
  • Friendly service
  • Attention to detail
  • Professional finish

We have the expertise required to handle a project of any size. Our team have completed a wide variety of projects which include offices, restaurants, hotels, pubs and even shopping centres.

To find out more about how we can help with your requirements, either call us today on 1300 733 489 or email us at