How To Choose The Best Paint Colour For Your Commercial Building?

Commercial paint is more than a tint of colour on your building. Indeed, it has a lot to say about your identity to the people who enter your premises. Also, it must make a sensation to the visitors, but also to the people who work inside. Before choosing a shade of paint, it is important to know that it evokes an emotional reaction.

So, it can be disparaging or welcoming. It is therefore important to choose a paint colour that makes visitors want to enter and stay there for a long time. In order to determine the best building color, here are some tips:

Choose colour that speaks the language of your brand

The first thing to do when choosing a commercial paint is to do it according to the message you want to convey in your business. If you go for orange wall colour, it will give your room a casual image. It is therefore ideal for stores that have an offer such as Bargain Basement. This will be the best way to get the message out if it really fits the intent of your room.

To convey elegance, opulence, or sobriety, this kind of colour is therefore not suitable. A neutral coloured building paint will do the trick in your position. In fact, besides the fact that the colour should be an invitation, it will also have to be chosen according to your business or its structure.

It is possible to use trickery to make your business work with commercial paint. For restaurants, for example, go for the colour red, because it is a great way to make you feel hungry. Which is not suitable for places like a gym, or another place of well-being. In this case, you can go for a blue colour mixed with brown and green.

It is advisable to choose the green colour that evokes healing in a clinic or other medical center.

You can show that you’re stubborn or trustworthy if you’re a lawyer or whatever with grey or brown house paint.

For a business that provides security, yellow is perfect because it shows security and caution. you can opt for a blue colour mixed with brown and green.

Be strategic in the choice of your colours

When choosing a house painting, it will also be necessary to be strategic. In order to optimize sales, it is important to attract customers to enter the store. The best solution is to date on the effect of colour. It is therefore wise to bet on attractive colours.

This is a great colour to make customers want to check out what exactly is inside your store. This kind of commercial paint is ideal for the front of your building.

Then, once inside, you need to give your visitors a feeling of well-being and confidence in a more welcoming colour. It is for this reason that it is strongly recommended to adopt a warm colour. This makes the orange colour very effective. If not, you can bet on yellow-green and red. Favor cooler colours such as grey and white inside. These two shades of building paint are excellent to encourage buying.

A choice by theme or according to the trend

The choice of colours can also be made according to a large number of other criteria. In the first place, there is the specialty of the store. If the work consists, for example, of repainting a commercial space dedicated to the sale of children’s items, you should not be satisfied with just one colour.

The little ones love fancy decorations. In addition, it will then be necessary to privilege the acidulous tones. On the other hand, if it’s a boutique for women, pastel colours are perfect. In the case of a men’s store, choose strong colours.

Finally, you can also follow the trend. It could provide a modern and attractive look for your business. If in doubt, contact us through any of the following means to help you with making colour choices:


Phone: 1300 733 489 and 0412 222 706

By doing this, you can benefit from the expert advice of a house painter.  We will guide your choice according to your target, the category of items you sell, and also the style you want to give to your store.

Choose the colour that defines the interior of your building

Whether the decor of your home is rustic, modern, industrial, or even country-style, the colors you have chosen to adorn your walls are in harmony with the style of each room. Why shouldn’t your business have the same attention?

If you sell auto parts, own a law firm, dental clinic, or run a restaurant, your business interior may not look the same.

It is that certain colours will evoke different feelings. As red has a stimulating effect, it is more often used in restaurants than notary offices! If the colour orange is appreciated for its invigorating qualities, the green has more the effect of appeasing. White, grey, black, and beige can add a classic and timeless touch to the interior decor of many businesses.

Then, the interior painting of business may or may not be in the colours of your company to reinforce your brand image.

Thanks to the expertise of Painting contractors in Sydney, you can make sure you have the right paint for your business, according to your needs and your budget.

Concerned about a job well done, certified Commercial painters in Sydney will try, during the work, not to damage the equipment and floors of your business by covering them with adequate protection.

The outside of the building should have colour that attracts customers

Because the exterior of a business is the first image you offer your customers. If the paint on your building is faded or poorly in keeping with your business image, you could be missing out on your goals.

But thanks to the know-how of Commercial painters in Sydney, you will be able to find the right colour and the right products for your commercial building. You may choose to have your business in harmony with its environment and the buildings that surround it.

It doesn’t matter if you want a colour that makes you hungry, a colour that entices customers to enter your business, or a colour that will increase your sales, Commercial painters in Sydney can help.

Painting contractors in Sydney will guarantee you an exceptional result thanks to a careful and rigorous application, in addition to using only quality products that respect the most recent environmental standards.

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